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Washoe County school nurses administrators, childcare providers, or other congregate settings (businesses, group homes, etc.) should use Northern Nevada Public Health's online form to report suspected or confirmed outbreaks of communicable diseases in their facilities.

 What is an outbreak?

It is an increase of the number of cases of any illness higher than what is normally expected. If you suspect an increase in illness in a particular group or location, report it and an epidemiologist will help decide if it is considered an outbreak.

 When to report?

As soon as you suspect there might be an outbreak. Delay or failure to report communicable diseases has contributed to significant spread in the past. Under the NRS 441A.430, except as otherwise provided, every person who violates any provision of this chapter can be found guilty of a misdemeanor.

 How to report?

Use this online portal OR obtain State of Nevada Confidential Morbidity Report Form OR call the Communicable Disease Program at 775-328-2447 or fax at 775-328-3764. Reports can be made by fax or telephone. The fax and phone are dedicated to communicable disease reporting and are confidential. You may also send an email to for any questions. However, confidential information should not be reported via email.

After successful submission of this form, a member of our staff will reach out to the point of contact and may ask additional questions to determine if this is an outbreak.


Reporting Party

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Secondary Point of Contact or Secondary follow up person

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Outbreak Location Information

Type of location

Illness Information

What is the illness/symptoms? (Check box, select all that apply)

*Public Vomiting - vomiting in a facility space like classroom, bathroom, office, etc.

When did symptoms first begin/first reported?

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Please use this template to list those who have been ill.  The template will download to your computer as an Excel file (if the file does not automatically download, turn off any browser pop-up blockers).  Only list a person ONCE.  Fill as completely as possible, save to your computer, and securely upload below.  Outbreak Line List Template. Outbreak Line List Template


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NAC 441A.130 “Outbreak” defined. (NRS 441A.120) “Outbreak” means the occurrence of cases in a community, geographic region or particular population at a rate in excess of that which is normally expected in that community, geographic region or particular population.  (Added to NAC by Bd. of Health, eff. 1-24-92)