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Washoe County Invocation Procedures and Guidance

Washoe County Invocation Procedures and Guidance

General Guiding Principles:

  • Invocation is offered for the benefit of the Commission and is meant to add solemnity to the meetings and ask for wisdom and guidance as the Commission engages in policy and decision making for issues that affect Washoe County residents.
  • The Commission serves constituents of all faiths, expresses no faith preference, and recognizes no faith as superior or inferior to others.
  • All invocations or other statements shall be positive and uplifting and are not an opportunity to disparage other people, organizations, or beliefs.
  • Invocations shall not be used to proselytize or disparage any faith or belief.
  • The faith of the person delivering an invocation shall not preclude an individual’s ability to give an invocation.
  • A group or individual having no religious affiliation may request the opportunity to offer a moment of silence or a brief statement in alignment with Washoe County’s invocation guidance.
  • No member of the Commission, public or government at a Commission meeting shall be required or expected to participate in invocations. Persons who provide invocations are advised to not request that those present be asked to stand during invocations, based on these guidelines.
  • No County employee or elected County official shall screen, inquire about, or prescribe content of invocations to be given.
  • No invocation shall be used to lobby or request funding or support.

General Procedures:

  • Invocations will be placed on the agenda after “Roll Call”, once per month at a designated, regularly scheduled public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners ("Commission").
  • The designated Commission meeting may not have a person scheduled to give an invocation. In such cases, the Chair, upon discretion, may ask for a moment of silence.
  • The Chair of the Commission will introduce a person by name and title prior to an invocation.
  • Invocations or statements shall be given by one person and should not exceed two minutes.
  • Invocations shall be scheduled on a “first come, first serve” basis, except as noted below for repeat participants.
  • To allow opportunity for persons of different beliefs to participate, preference shall be given to persons who have not yet given an invocation over persons who have already done so.
  • Requests and scheduling will be confirmed by the Agenda Coordinator in the Office of the County Manager via email.


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